2 chrysalis

A unique way to give back to the community is through our “Changing Lives” programs which are built around the desire to help preserve and protect monarchs, their habitats and their endangered migration phenomenon.

Assorted fun events and art therapy programs not only educate others on this issue, but can also help build confidence and empower those who can use it most. By working with At Risk kids, women’s shelters, seniors and adults with developmental disabilities, we look at this as a win-win situation.

If you have a group that you would like us to work with, please contact us for more information.

Here are a few of the programs we offer…

Art Therapy in women’s shelters. Creating tangible items with inspiration monarch themes that empower, build confidence or simply make them feel more at peace or safer.

Senior center, assisted living & nursing home monarch visits. When possible we like to be able to leave a larva cage so they can watch the metamorphosis, but just seeing the monarchs and caterpillars up close is enjoyable as well. (we don’t just strand the poor hungry caterpillars – volunteers tend to the feeding and cleaning of the cages while they are on site.)

Art Therapy classes with At Risk kids or adults with developmental disabilities. Simple art project classes that are fun, promote cooperation and help build self esteem.