Whoa! After doing a recent event, we realized we needed to get some links out there for resources we constantly talk about. This is just a start, but here are a couple links to some of our favorite places to promote.

Journey North is by far one of the funnest places to gather information on monarchs and about a million other cool things. Make sure to check out the interactive migration maps and have fun investigating this site –

If you are not familiar with Monarch Waystations, and how easy it is to get your garden certified to be one, by all means check this out -

Plan on spending a lot of time surfing around the University of Minnesota Monarch Lab site (it is especially great for anyone who teaches) –

If you want to dig deeper and get more involved in monarch preservation, check out Monarch Joint Venture. We have included some links to a few of the MJV handouts we often use under the Educating menu, but there is a ton of info on this site –