Welcome to The Monarch Project!

The Monarch Project’s mission is to be an advocate for the monarch butterfly, its habitat and the incredible, endangered migration phenomenon that only these insect make.

Through entertaining events, like our gardening workshops or life cycle lectures, we teach others about the monarch and focus on ways we can work at restoring their habitat.

And we also look to benefit the community through our ‘Changing Lives’ programs, which provide related activities and art therapy projects that not only educate others on these issues, but can also build confidence and empower those in who can use it most.

We realize there are all sorts of hard core scientific websites are out there, so if you develop a fervor for the monarch butterfly as we have, by all means, please indulge. Our goal to bring the information in an amusing and fun way. This does not mean we are not serious about what we are doing. We are very serious about what is going on with the monarch. But we have found that if you make education a little more humorous and little less daunting, it seems to stick better.

So please, explore our site and let’s see what we can do together…