Raising awareness is an important part of what we do. We want everyone to step back and think about just what it is that we as a nation are doing, and why we are doing it. Is it ignorance? Is it greed?  Can’t we play nicely with each other, at least listen to the other side and see if there isn’t some common ground we can all work together on to make positive changes? We want to believe so.

Our “Let It Grow” campaign is one way we work to support monarchs and their endangered migration phenomenon. Some pretty simple steps most of us can start taking.

Kids love learning about the monarchs. Reaching out and teaching them about not only the cool metamorphosis these little creatures undertake, but also about the monarch habitat and how we can protect it is pretty much a no-brainer. And planting and tending to gardens gives them a chance to break away from the videos and dig in the dirt as well.

Providing programs and literature, that encourage others to protect monarch habitat, is also a way we advocate. It is not just the kids that are enamored with the monarchs. So we provide more in-depth education for those who want to do more towards preserving these special little butterflies.

Working with agricultural organizations and land management is also a goal of ours. We believe that by working together we can find ways to compromise – to grow food, to mow roadways, and still find time to respect mother nature and the precious little monarch.